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NSA is committed to continuing professional education for today's accounting and tax professional. NSA offers a variety of professional development opportunities. NSA ConnectED webinars are offered both live and on demand.

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On Demand Webinars

  • Client Obedience Training

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    No your clients aren't dogs, they are your greatest asset! Left untended and untrained, however, they can become your biggest resentment and most challenging obstacle for you getting things done inside your practice. To serve your clients to their greatest benefit you need their help. When it comes to taxes and finances, you need to be the alpha dog in the relationship. Join us for a special, FREE, 1-hour webinar.

  • How to Grow Your Firm the Easy Way Webinar Series

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    Growing your tax and accounting firm doesn’t have to be hard! It can be easy if you know exactly where to put your focus. The secret is to focus on the “levers” in your practice – the things that will give you a disproportionate amount of “payoff” compared to the amount of effort you spend. Join us for this FREE 3-part webinar series and discover how to grow your firm the easy way!

  • Double Your Fees

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    ​Wish you could generate more revenue simply by increasing your fees? You can, and it's not too late if you know the right tactics for how to do it. 97% of tax professionals agree that their fees are too low! It's time for that to change. Join us for a special, FREE, 1-hour webinar