Client Obedience Training

No your clients aren't dogs, they are your greatest asset!

Left untended and untrained, however, they can become your biggest resentment and most challenging obstacle for you getting things done inside your practice.

To serve your clients to their greatest benefit you need their help. When it comes to taxes and finances, you need to be the alpha dog in the relationship.

Join us for a special, FREE, 1-hour webinar
Client Obedience Training

This webinar will discuss how to be a leader in the relationship with your clients so you and your clients can thrive.

You'll receive tangible methods for how to be in control and relieve stress and tension.

By attending this session you will learn:

  • How to re-define your role with clients
  • How to set personal & professional boundaries
  • Why it's important to create the framework for “obedience"
  • The Keys to getting client relationships “right" from the start
  • How to teach an “old dog" new tricks!

**Special Bonus: All attending this webinar will receive, ready-to-use, best practice templates so you can implement everything you'll learn right away!

Join us and discover how to lower your stress level and receive more value from your client relationships.

William Hamilton

Co-Founder, TaxPro University

William is the co-founder of TaxPro University & SmartCenter. He has spent the last 7 years advising hundreds of tax firms on how to grow their businesses & implement systems to make life easier. Will is a huge Lakers fan and lover of technology.

Chris Basom

Co-Founder, TaxPro University

Chris is the co-founder of TaxPro University & SmartCenter. He is also the managing partner of a tax & financial planning firm in Southern California. With 34 years as a tax professional, Chris knows first-hand, the struggles small firms face and how to combat them. He developed TaxProU & SmartCenter to make managing a practice and collaborating with clients, simpler and easier for small firm owners. Chris is a passionate soccer advocate loves any opportunity to be on a sailboat.

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